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Australia’s Leading Leisure Flight Provider Takes You For A Joy Flight

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You can even choose between leisure and acrobatic flights, or a combination of the two. Acrobatic flights are enough to bring even the most adrenaline-pumped individual to bursting point, and the G forces that you can expect will leave you feeling pumped for hours and hours after the flight has finished!

Gift Certificates

Joy Flights Australia now offer gift certificates as standard whenever you book one of their flights. These gift certificates can be made in someone else’s name, or your own if the flight is for yourself, and you have the option of paying online or over the phone too. Once paid for, your gift certificate will be sent your way within the space of a week and you can sit back and wait for the big day to draw ever closer.

Aerobatic Flights

Unless you’re prone to motion sickness – an aerobatic flight could well be the trip of a life time. Booking one of these types of flights isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you do decide to take the leap, then you’ll soon agree that there’s nothing else quite like it on the planet! You’ll be swung, looped, spun and dipped until every single G force available is pummelling your body. It’s not painful – if anything it’s enjoyable as a range of different forces do what they do best and pull you in different directions. In fact you might even find that you’ve grown a few inches by the time that you disembark the plane.

Enjoying a flight can be great fun, so don’t hesitate to book yours today by visiting!

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