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  • She looks so back in 2004 and she’s same confident as back in the day.
    Clearly she’s in a good place right now!

  • 100.000.000 copy’s album worldwild i think she is the best but Celine Dion
    real Queen in the planet she sold 250.000.000 copy’s album worldwild her
    the one and only

  • She’s so funny __ her face eyes omg looking cool ya awww the best women in
    the world. 

  • Wow…she actually never got her nose done! All that time it’s been makeup!

  • I still wonder why a lot of people still say “Wow look at Britney she’s in
    a better place, good for her” or “wow Britney’s not crazy anymore she looks
    good” as if she didn’t get help back in 2008 and since released 3 albums,
    been on 2 world tours & 1 current residency, released 11 music videos
    lol…Britney has been JUST FINE for the last 7 years guys lol its cuz
    she’s not in the spotlight like she was before so people’s last strong
    memory of her was during her troubles in 2007

  • “The air conditioner just came on” That’s the real Britney. Love her.