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  • Woman- you need to take a hard long look at yourself
    Legend- imhave everybody has they love


  • This kid is the absolute alpha, he doesn’t give a shit. Deal with it
    virgins, we all know that you’ll trade your NEET life for something like

  • Looking at all the comments posted, shows that these developed countries
    are rising nothing but brats who don’t respect elders and ultimately

  • well done kid. Nobody, tv presenter or otherwise should try pushing you to
    do things to boost there own ego and/or ratings. An apology to your parents
    and ur alright in my books.u don’t need to be on fucking tv to do this. And
    whatever damage is done to public property its up to the police to find out
    who did it and not pick the easy option. Your a young man and we all made
    and still make mistakes at your age so if we have to make mistakes to find
    our way to a greater good then its all worth it.

  • To think that this guy is pretty hung over, he still had the wit to have a
    good comeback for that lady’s condescending remarks. 

  • Take your glasses off and apologise. Is she a reporter or his mother. He
    might be a moron, but what right does this women have to tell him what to

  • He was being apologetic, then she started being condescending and
    patronising when she has no right to be. She isn’t his mother or have
    anything to do with the party. Fair play to him for not taking her crap.

  • Ahahah wtf, that kid is a funny jerk and she was acting like a stuck up
    prick but damn was that funny 

  • Just looking the comments posted before I could surely say… These people
    are so very wrong how can u say that the reporter is bla bla bla whatever
    everyone said… She just tried to help the kid n make him understand
    politely… Surely proves how life n respect for elders in your society… 

  • Lol get royally shrekt in the anus you stupid cunt. 420 shrekt blaze it up